Top Online Casino Software Providers


Every industry in the last couple have decades have been striving to have some presence online. And why won’t they? It makes perfect sense from a business standpoint. With the help of the internet, companies and organizations are able to reach billions of people worldwide. So, it is only natural that one of the most lucrative and money-making industry in the world, gambling, has also made huge strides in forming an online business model and gained a lot of success too. An online casino can reach a potential of approximately 2 billion active online users, whereas a brick and mortar casino would not even be close to that.

The core means that allows casinos to do this and the underlying backbone is online casino software. These applications give casinos a backbone and an infrastructure to bring the games online.

Top Online Casinos Which Support Many Software Providers


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What is an online Casino Software?

Online casino software is an application written for online casinos that allow them to host gambling sessions online. They are at the core of an online casino experience. This software makes sure that the games are being conducted fairly and that no fraudulent activities are entertained.

People have held the misconception that these online casinos are somehow rigged and no matter how well you play or how good your hand was in a game you are bound to lose. However, this claim is not quite true. Online casino software uses a feature called Random Number Generators (RNG) to enforce fair gaming.

Casino Software Providers
Casino Software Providers

For your information, RNG programs are capable of producing numbers completely randomly without any concurrent pattern. The software takes this information and then produces outcomes in a game such as what card will be dealt next, so the probability is completely random. Thus, the opinion that online casinos are rigged is false. Since casinos have the house advantage they do not need to resort to cheating in the first place.

Early Days of Casino Software vs. Now

Compared to today’s modern and sleek looking casino software and their intuitive interfaces, early casino software were lacking in many sectors. They did not have an effective user interface design or intuitive controls and interactions which made it outright difficult to use.

This was possibly because of the fact that online casinos in the earlier days used to develop their own proprietary software in-house. Nowadays however, casinos acquire their software mainly from specialized third-party companies. These third-party companies provide them with all the basics an online casino could need to operate smoothly.

From user interface to the overall operation and fluidity of these softwares have improved tenfold over the years and development is still being made. The software used by online casinos now have also seen improvement in functionality and other new features.

Types of Online Casino Software

Online casino software can be divided into three categories. They are:

  • Downloadable software: These types of software needs to be downloaded on your PC first and only then you will be able to play different games. However, you can only install these applications on Microsoft Windows computers.
  • Instant play software: A very convenient software which enables you to start gambling right from your web browser and play. This type of software primarily uses Adobe Flash to power the experience for the user. 
  • Mobile Apps: These are exactly what they sound like. They are online casino apps that you can install on your Android or iOS smartphone from their respective app stores and play directly from your phone. 

Butterfly Mobile

What is the benefit of a good Online Casino Software

A good online casino software provides a number of benefits in addition to being visually pleasing and alluring. A good software can provide:

  • Good graphics and lag-free gameplay 

When using an app or browsing the web if the experience is slow and lagging, people will very soon lose interest. That is why a good software will provide a smooth experience for the users, which in turn might entice them to stay longer and maybe play a few more games. Users resort to online casino games as a means of entertainment, therefore having a good online casino software will provide a smooth enjoyable gaming experience.

Jungle Jim Game
Jungle Jim El Dorado has a very nice graphic

A good software is an investment from the casino’s side. If you are a casino, the benefit of providing a fast and smooth play to your users will increase your company’s goodwill, plus your visitors will keep coming back for more. It is a win-win situation.

  • A good software offers faster payouts

The one thing you want to do faster than winning games when you are at a casino (be it online or a real one) is getting your money faster. Choosing a good software will improve payout times. Everyone likes instant gratification when it comes to their winnings. So a good online casino software satisfies the customer and casinos earn goodwill and trust of their players.

In short, a good software should be able to provide the following things:

  1. Have good graphics making the experience more immersive
  2. Have an easy to use and intuitive user interface
  3. Good customer support and technical support
  4. Be secure. This is an important one. All online transactions and gambling should be safe and secure to prevent fraud and exploitation.
  5. A wide range of game selection.

What are the top Online Casino Software

MicrogamingMicrogaming Casinos: Starting their first online casino is 1994 Microgaming has been one of the first movers in this field and they have held a strong position in the market ever since. They were the inventors of the progressive slot machine and Cash Splash; both these games are still playable till this day and offer large payouts. Initially, though Microgaming struggled to get players to join their games, but over the years Microgaming gained a huge fan-base and immense popularity.

This is when they realized that they could license their games to others and earn revenue from there. Their casino stage was short-lived. Microgaming soon transitioned to licensing games to others.


  • Quantity of games
  • Diversity of games

  • Hidden RTPs
Mega Moolah
Terminator II
Jungle Jim El Dorado

PlaytechPlaytech: Following suit after Microgaming, Playtech quickly rose to the top and now can compete head to head with its rival, Microgaming. Some argue Playtech could actually be bigger then Microgaming given that they also offer other services such as share trading and binary options.

Playtech acquired Ash Gaming which was one of the biggest in the industry. This partnership has also contributed to Playtech’s success and growth. They are responsible for creating one of the most popular games in the industry, including the Marvel series of games and other top mobile games and casino games.


  • Size
  • Quality

  • Fringe games
  • Progressive slots.
Age of the Gods
Dirty Dancing

NetentNet Entertainment: Listed in the stock exchange on Sweden, Net Entertainment affectionally shortened to NetEnt is known for its pretty graphics and innovative gameplay ideas. NetEnt offers over 200 games of variety of types. They are not the biggest in the industry but their inclination to originality in their products have earned NetEnt success and approval and awards.

Popular games include South Park, Gonzo’s Quest, Aliens, Starburst and others.


  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Live dealers

  • Limited number of games
Gonzo's Quest
Mega Fortune
Mega Fortune Dreams


As online casino softwares get better and more advanced, there will be more improvements in the features and functionalities, making the online gambling experience more immersive and enjoyable. With rapid developments under process, we can only wait to see what the future holds for online casinos!