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IGT is one of the few companies that needs very little to no introduction given that they’ve been operational since 1981. Nonetheless, for the sake of those who are new to the iGaming industry, this is a company that develops casino games for both the land based and online casinos. Their initial venture was specializing in developing games for the brick and mortar casinos. A few years down the line, they grabbed the bull by the horns and transitioned into the online casino niche. Safe to say, the company’s behemoth repute now speaks for itself.

Despite excelling in different areas of both sides of the casino industry, IGT’s noteworthy call to fame is by far their ridiculously high progressive jackpot games, which are readily available in their game portfolio. With an astonishing €6 billion paid out in total to date, you can bet your life that any lucky player who lands one of the IGT jackpots will be change their life in an instance. In fact, it’s in everyone’s wishes or wildest fantasies to land one of the four progressive jackpot!

But where exactly can you play these IGT progressive jackpots? And what do you need to start playing? Plus, are they the only games that the company offers? Well, the answers to all these questions are well explained in this detailed IGT review.  In addition to pointing you to the best sites to play, we’ve also highlighted some of the reasons why you should play these games.

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Best IGT Casinos

₹20 000 +11 Free Spins
Table Games
Live Tables
₹15,000 +30 Extra Spins
Table Games
Live Tables
₹16,000 +10 Extra Spins
Table Games
Live Tables
Table Games
Live Tables

What You Should Know About IGT

Despite the many years that it has been producing casino games, IGT (or International Game Technology in full) isn’t what you would describe as old-school. The company has gotten rid of outdated traditions such as restricting their games to the land based casinos and download format.

The modern day IGT Software Company is a multinational corporation that’s diversified its offering. It supplies land based casinos with lotteries, gaming machines, social games and most notably, online casino games to the iGaming niche.

The latest embodiment of this gigantic company is a bionic merge of an earlier IGT and several other gamin-related companies it hovered up along the way. This is one of the main reasons why it has managed to become the global gaming powerhouse, and supposedly the largest land based slots supplier in the industry.

The original IGT company, however, is a less commercial tale of US cutting edge gaming. Originally formed in the 1950s and publicly listed on the stock exchange in the 1980s, IGT was a Vegas-based slot machine developing company that still has products being used throughout most of Nevada’s land based casinos. The company was also one of the first to ever develop the popular video poker machines.

Today, the company has diversified into several fields, including the highly competitive online gambling niche, and consider themselves as the future of online casino gaming. While this may sound a little bit too overambitious or arrogant, the company has plenty of expertise and experience to back it up.

Investing significantly in the latest technology, such as AR and VR, IGT is a commercially funded and government-sponsored company that re-invests the money it earns it into smart ventures in solutions for interactive, lottery, gaming and social media. This includes everything from retail, mobile and web, making them one of the most flexible and accessible developers in the industry.

IGT Online Milestones

Since the company was founded, they’ve grown to become one of the brands with the largest workforce, employing more than 13,000 employees around the world. They are also listed on the New York Stake Exchange, trading as IGT and valued at $8.3 at the time of writing this review. The holding company is based in the United Kingdom, though they also have offices in Rhode Island, Las Vegas and Rome.

With the team of experts in Providence helping the new IGT casinos join the iGaming niche, new virtual slots from the team in Rome and the Las Vegas crew coming up with up to date casino bonuses, IGT has now become a significant international player. And to further consolidate their position in the online niche, they’ve been on a purchasing spree.

wagerworksFor instance, by the year 2010, the company had come up with an interactive gaming division with offices located in London and San Francisco. Soon afterwards, they made a significant purchase of a ‘little-known’ UK software developer known as Wagerworks. This is a company that had a solid foundation in the UK market as they’d been developing and supplying content to some of the most established UK online casinos. It is through this company that IGT was ready to take on some of the big boys of the iGaming niche.

Why IGT?

IGT games and other products stand out because of the number of features that they have. If you are looking for games with in-game bonus rounds, then you’ll be pleased to know that IGT offers plenty, far beyond the typical point and click games and free spins.

As a matter of fact, on average, IGT slots tend to have at least three in-game bonus rounds, which mean that you can always look forward to something as you play the games. Of course, through these in-game features, you stand a chance of winning the top prize. Interestingly, some of their games offer you an opportunity to win as many as 100 free spins in one spin, without the need to use the retrigger feature.

Different Themes

Even though most of the games in their library are somewhat related to their land based slots, IGT has pulled all the resources and skill to create modern, technicolor slot designs, which don’t feel outdated. Unsurprisingly, in the process of remaking their land based slots, they’ve also come up with a variety of themes; a little adventure slots here, a dash of Roman and Nordic mythology there, an animal or 2, some Egyptian sand and neon classic fruit machine reminiscence…and we can’t forget to mention a comic strip lobster!

How IGT’s popular Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 online slot became an internet sensation we are not sure but the team here at All Video Slots reckons you don’t have a sense of taste if you won’t enjoy playing it. Go on, give it a try and see for yourself why everyone’s mad about it!

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2
Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 is one of the popular online IGT slots

Varied Game Mechanics

Unique themes are just part of why IGT slots are very interesting to play. But besides that, there are plenty of other reasons (mostly mechanics wise) why you should try them. Let’s go over these reasons.

Flexible Bet Limits & Free Play Options

One of the main objectives of IGT is to make their slots and other games accessible to as many players as possible. To achieve this, they’ve set bet limits accordingly. You can spin their games for a few pence, as seen in Cleopatra’s case, where 1p only is enough to get you spinning for hours!

Competitive RTPs For Their Games

The RTP of a slot is the theoretical expected return of any slot game after a couple of spins. IGT slots have RTPs that are fully competitive with some of the other top software providers in the industry. Most of these games will have figures between 92 and 97%, which in our opinion is a very good range. Take for instance their popular slot game, Cleopatra Plus, it has a high figure of 95.02% and yet it’s not the highest rated slot in terms of RTP.

Different Formats for Different Pays

The number of paylines on the games is another weapon that IGT conceal in their armoury as they try to stay at par with the competition – if not ahead. These games have paylines as low as 10 (as seen in games such as Wild Life) to highs of 99 lines (as seen in Pixies Forest II slot).

If you are accustomed to paylines and would like something different, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to go for games such as Siberian Storm. The game uses a unique 720 ways of winning mechanism. Powered by the unique 3-4-5-4-3 reel configuration and enabling you to form wins from right-to-left and left-to-right, IGT’s 720 Ways of Winning mechanism packs a serious punch.

Other Unique Features to Trigger Bonus Games

In addition to flexible bet limits, competitive RTPs and different formats for its games, IGT has also experimented with novel ways of triggering bonus rounds or unlocking new in-game features by accumulating symbols – a method that’s sometimes referred to as Level Up. If you’d like to see some of these features, you should try playing Wheel of Fortune on Tour Slot or Fantastic Fireworks.

Fantastic Fireworks Slot by IGT

IGT Mega Jackpot Pool

For the dilettante or any player learning the ropes of how to play jackpot games, every jackpot might appear the same. But they are not – as there are multiple types that you should acquaint yourself with before playing. In IGT slots, the outstanding one if the local jackpot pool, which constitutes of three jackpot games, and which you can play across all IGT casinos.

More about the IGT mega jackpot slots in the progressive jackpots section, but it’s worth mentioning that the top prize is usually paid out randomly and pays out at the 750,000 mark.

Top 10 IGT Games

Having said all the nice things about IGT, how about we now take a minute and have a look at some of the most popular IGT games? Most of these games can easily be played at the online casinos as well as some of the renowned land based casinos. The majority of the games that we’ve included on the list reflect the quality that IGT is well known for.

  • Siberian Storn
  • Cleopatra
  • Family Guy
  • Kitty Gliter
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Da Vinci Diamonds
  • Wolf Run
  • Pharaoh’s Fortune
  • CSI:Slots
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Hunt for Blackwood Slot
Best IGT Slots
IGT go
Cleopatra II Slot Review IGT go

The 5 IGT Slots With The Highest RTP

As already defined above, the RTP of a slot simply refers to the percentage value that a game pays back after a theoritical number of spins. IGT slots tend to have varied RTP figures and to help you play those with the best chances of winning, we’ve highligted the top 5 games with the highest values.

Slot Name


pixies of the forest Pixies of the Forest 2 98.83%
texaas tea Texas Tea 97.35%
dungeons dragons Dungeons and Dragons: Treasures of Icewind Dale 97.00%
wheeloffortune Wheel of Fortune 96.60%
harley davidson freedomtour Harley-Davidson Freedom Tour 96.60%

The 3 Latest Games from IGT

As emering technologies continue disrupting different areas of the online casinos industry, more and more software companies strive to develop better games. It’s this technology that pushes companies such as IGT to continiously develop even better games with each passing year. In 2020, IGT has a number of games lines up for you and at the time of writing this, these are the games that it has released.

  • IGT Wheel of Fortune Slot: This is the latest addition to IGT’s renowned series of games based on the popular game-show franchise, Wheel of Fortune. What makes Wheel of Fortune slot a must try for any slot lover is the fact that it uses IGT’s state of the art 4D technology, which combines gesture recognition and 3D technology
  • Mystery Express Online Slot: Forget about the retro themes that promise to take you back to the 50s era, IGT’s Mystery Express slot has a level up feature that will get you spinning the game’s reels in order to unlock extra level, which in turn ensure you get extra winnings
  • Little Green Man: Warp Reactor Slot: There’s high chance that you are accustomed to playing slots with 5 reels, right? Well, you should take a break from those and play IGT’s Little Green Man: Warp Reactor; a game that breaks from this traditional reel format and introduces the newer 7 reels. And as you play the game, bear in mind that you’ll also be benefiting from a the cluster system feature that requires you to match three or more planets in order to win
littlegreenmen warpreactor
Little Green Men Warp Reactor by IGT

What Games Does IGT Offer?

IGT tries as much as possible to attract a large group of players as possible. One way that it’s achieving this is by developing games that can accomondate all sorts of players. Those who fancy playing games of chance such as slots and roulette can find something in the IGT collection. If you’d like to pit your skill against the house by playing blackjack, you can be pleased to know that there are games to play too. One thing that you should however note is that not all these games are currently being offered online. Below is a quick overview of each section of games under the IGT collection.

IGT Slots

IGT have without a doubt proven that any company with a strong foundation can certainly go the long haul if they use the resources at their disposal properly and willingness to adapt to the ever changing environment. Perhaps using some of the on-the-ground knowledge that comes with developing land based casino and amusement arcade games, IGT have a unique way of reeling in slot players and making them stay.

With eye-catching and bright-coloured designs, not forgetting to mention innovative features, some of IGT’s popular slot games have stood the test of time, transitioning from the brick and mortar casinos to the online niche. They’ve even established a very strong following with a varied selection of slot players internationally. As already mentioned, this is mostly because of the fact that their slot games are pretty diverse, a factor that ensures everyone’s taste is well catered for. Furthermore, these releases don’t require you to download any software, a factor that confirms their flexibility and viability for all sorts of players.

IGT Live Casino Games

Live CasinoUnfortunately, at the time of writing this IGT review, the company does not develop any live casino games and neither does it have any active partnership with a third party software developer to offer them live casino games. Given that IGT have only recently launched their services online, it’s quite understandable and we hope that we will be playing their live casino games in the near future. Keep checking back for any updates.

IGT Progressive Slots

SlotsOne of the company’s outstanding ‘strength’ is its group of linked progressive slots. Gaggled under the ‘Mega Jackpots’ banner, IGT’s progressive jackpot slot game use versions of some of their popular games to build up a pool of jackpots, which have so far paid out more than €50 million since they were launched.

How does the IGT progressive jackpot work?

It works pretty much the same as any other progressive jackpot online; a small percentage of your bet or any other player’s bet, goes into the jackpot prize pool. This means as more players continue playing the games found under the Mega Jackpots banner, the prize pool continues growing significantly until one lucky winner walks away with all of it

How do you trigger or activate the jackpot?

There are six qualifying slots that are found under the IGT Mega Jackpots series. Each of this game has a different way of awarding you with a prize. In Wolf Run, for instance, you have to land 20 Mega Jackpot symbols on the reels (which will essentially occupy the whole screen) to get awarded with the top prize.

What games are found under the IGT MegaJackpots?

As we’ve stated, Wolf Run is one of the six games that you can play in IGTs Mega Jackpots series of games. Other games include:

  • Megajackpots Siberian Storm Slot
  • Megajackpots Wheel Of Fortune On Air
  • MegaJackpots Cleopatra
  • MegaJackpots Star Lanterns
  • MegaJackpots Golden Goddess

What is the largest payout and how often do these jackpots pay out?

With so many casino players trying their luck on IGT’s MegaJackpot slots, it doesn’t surprise us that these jackpots are won so often. However, despite the numerous wins, the €2.1 win from 2013 still holds the record for the highest ever win from the series of games. There’s however a €1.3 win from June 2019, which also happens to be one of the several seven figure payouts achieved.

In 2015, the MegaJackpots pot was won 5 times in 5 weeks, paying out a massive €3.6 in the process. The best part about winning the jackpot is that the IGT casinos will pay out the amount in lump sum so that you can go and buy that boat/ferrari that you’ve always fancied!

Table Games

roulette iconIGT are yet to make any impact in the table games section – both at the online and land casino niches. They don’t have any software or live casino games online and at the land based casinos, they only offer electronic games under the following categories.

  • Live Blackjack
  • Sic Bo
  • Multi Baccarat
  • Single Zero Roulette
  • Double Zero Roulette

IGT Casino Mobile

apps icon 1Rest assured that any IGT casino game that you play online is fully optimized and compatible with your device. Whether you own an Android, iOS or Windows device, you should be able to easily access all popular games in IGT’s catalogue with ease wherever and whenever you feel like.

As a matter of fact, one the most outstanding advantages of the company’s mobile software is that all their games are coded using the latest HTML5 technology. This is a versatile coding language that gives each of their games the flexibility to work seamlessly on any device, regardless of the device;s screen size. Furthermore, it makes it possible to enjoy all the games through your device’s browser, no download required.

Beyond the technicalities, IGT’s mobile casino games are remarkable as they retain the traditional aspects of the company. As a brand that’s cut its teeth deep in the land based casinos, most of its releases online retain the classic look, which makes them stand out in today’s competitive market. This classical look appeals to both the old-school casino player and modern video slots player alike as they are fantastic in terms of animation and style.

Latest IGT Casino Bonuses

Playing casino games is an exciting venture! There’s no denying this fact. But how can one make an already fun experience more thrilling? Most of the savvy casino players would attest to fact that online casino bonuses usually help take the whole experience to a new level. If you are therefore looking to spice things up, visiting IGT casinos with the bonus offers is the way to go.

  • No Deposit Bonus: Not yet ready to make a deposit but still want to enjoy playing the game? Don’t sweat over it! IGT casinos will offer you no deposit bonuses, which you can use to play and win at their games. No wagering requirements on these bonuses, no capped wins, no minimum withdrawals. However, there are a few terms and conditions!
  • Welcome Bonus: Offered in form of free spins, no deposit bonus or bonus cash to welcome you to the casino.
  • Reload Bonus: If the casino has the reload bonus promotion, it means that for subsequent deposits you make at the casino, you receive a percentage of the deposit in the form of a bonus
₹20 000 +11 Free Spins
Table Games
Live Tables
₹15,000 +30 Extra Spins
Table Games
Live Tables
₹16,000 +10 Extra Spins
Table Games
Live Tables

Note: IGT doesn’t offer any bonuses as a company. They only work in collaboration with the online casinos to offer players bonuses. As such, different IGT casinos will have different types of bonuses as well as terms and conditions.

IGT Awards

With such a long outstanding history in the casino business, one would expect IGT to have a cabinet full or trophies to show for the same. While the company is more accustomed to scooping land based casino and lottery awards, they aren’t as successful in the iGaming niche. They’ve only been able to bag a few awards in the iGaming niche including:

  • Best Mobile User Experience at the 2016 IGA
  • “Slot Provider of the Year” at the 2020 IGA
  • Fortune Coin™ Video Slots won the “Best Slot Game” at the 2020 British Casino Awards


Where can I find the best IGT casinos?

There are hundreds of online casinos that have partnered with IGT to offer them games. However, not all are worthy visiting and if you are looking for some of the best sites, you can try out those that are listed on this page. In addition to offering IGT slots, these casinos also have games from other providers, feature plenty of bonuses and promotions (which come with friendly wagering requirements) and have good services in general.

Do I have to download software to play at the IGT Casinos?

No, you don’t have to download any ‘special’ software to play at the IGT casinos. All you need is your device’s browser and you are good to go.

Can I really win while playing IGT games?

It is possible to win while playing IGT games. To ensure every player has an equal winning opportunity, all the games are installed with the Random Number Generator software, which randomizes the game’s results.

How much money can I win playing IGT games?

It all depends on a number of factors. However, you can win as low as €10 to millions of cash depending on the game that you are playing. For a chance of landing yourself millions, it’s hihly advisable that you try out the slots that form part of the IGT Megajackpots.

How can I tell the site’s average payouts?

This information is rare to come by and if available, there are different ways to check this.

  1. You can visit the independent auditing body that’s responsible for testing the IGT games
  2. You can scroll through the terms and conditions section

IGT Casinos Summary

It’s not difficult to see why IGT is considered as one of the top software developers in the casino industry, and why their casinos are the most sought in the industry. The company has games that look fantastic, are filled with enjoyable features and are very diverse. This ensures that everyone has something to pick from.
A particularly nice feature about the company’s games is that they can be found in gaming cabinets at the land based casinos. This means that you can enjoy your favourite game in multiple formats.
And as far as progressive jackpot games are concerned, we cannot help but recommend the company’s Mega jackpot pool. We don’t see why any player worth his/her slot shouldn’t try out these games. With the MegaJackpot series, the possibility of being a millionaire overnight is imminent…but you have to play these games first!