Teen Patti Rules: Ranking of the Cards

Teen Patti

The following is the ranking of the cards from the highest to the lowest:

Three of a Kind (Trails)


The highest possible cards are trails. Three Aces is the highest possible card a player can get. After that it’s three K’s, Q’s, J’s and so on to three 2’s.

Pure Sequence (Pure Runs / Pure Straight Cards)

pure sequence

Pure sequences are three continuous/consecutive/serial cards. For example A, K and Q or 2, 3 and 4 are continuous cards. When all three cards of the same suit, then they form pure sequences or runs. A, K, Q of the same suit (clubs for example) is the highest possible pure sequence. Then comes A, 2, 3 and then K, Q, J and so on to 2, 3, 4 being the lowest possible sequence.

Sequence (Runs / Straight)

They are normal sequences which do not have the same suit. Cards in a sequence can have different signs and colors in their suit. Similar to pure sequences, A, K and Q is the highest possible sequence. A, 2, 3 is the second highest, K, Q, J is the third and so on to 2, 3, 4.

Flush (Color)

A flush is when three cards have the same suit. For example A, K, J all of hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds is the highest suit. Flush are not in a sequence otherwise they would be counted as pure sequences. A, K, J is the highest possible Flush and 2, 3, 5 is the lowest.

Two of a Kind (Pair)


When two same cards out of the three come, they are known as “Two of a Kind”. For example a hand with two Aces and a King makes it the highest possible pair. After it comes two Aces and a Queen and so on to two twos and a three.

High Card

high card

A high card is said when no conditions mentioned above matches. The cards are not in sequence, not repeating or not of the same suit. In such a case A, K and J of different suits is the highest possible card. After it comes A, K and a 10. The lowest possible card is 2, 3 and 5 and for this according to some Teen Patti players the Boot amount is even returned to the player.