RuPay Casinos in India 2022

Certain features and facilities have to be taken into account while signing up for an online casino in India. These features are what gives gamblers a smooth gambling experience online while trying out their luck with slot machines from the comfort of their home.

Apart from a great user interface and the availability of hundreds of casino games, one other thing that players should look into is the flexibility of payment systems. Not every online casino provides this facility for its players. This is why gamblers should take the time to look into the payment method options listed under the payment guide of every online casino platform.

The Importance of Good Payment Methods in Online Casinos

However, have you ever thought why is it so important to look into the payment systems before signing up for an online casino? If not, then sit back and delve into the importance of a good payment option in online casinos with us.

When you open up a gambling account at any online casino, you generally enter a ton of information to verify to the authority that it is you who is trying to create an account at their website. This may sometimes include the input of your passport number to personal banking details, which is usually required for cashing out your wins.

Nonetheless, with all of these personal details being entered, there is a need for privacy to protect these personal information. Moreover, if you have been playing casino games for a while now, chances are that you are aware of the scams that often occur with third-party payment systems.

Therefore, since there is always an issue regarding privacy and the secure transfer of funds for successful deposits and withdrawals, punters must sign up with casinos that offer reliable payment options.

Now, there are a couple of things that you can do to ensure the flexibility of payment systems offered by a casino website. First, you can look for reviews online to know whether other users have had a smooth experience while using the website. Secondly, you can always take out the time to do the research yourself. Payment guidelines are generally featured on the home page of any website to take a look at before signing up.

What is RuPay?

Now that we have established the importance of good payment methods for online casinos, let us take a look into one of the most reliable payment options in India – RuPay.

Another means for Reserve Bank of India’s mission to ‘cashless India,’ RuPay is one of India’s very first card payment options. The terminology is derived from Indians monetary unit, Rupee and the English word ‘payment.’

If you didn’t already know, RuPay is the brainchild of NPCI, which is the country’s authoritative organization for handling retail payments. Indian gamblers can get their RuPay cards issued from more than 1100 banks all across the state. These are inclusive of Regional Rural Banks, Private Sector Banks, Public Sector Banks and Co-Operative Banks.

Some of the most notable banks that are in affiliation with RuPay includes the following – HSBC, Bank of Baroda, and State Bank of India, ICIC Bank, Citibank N.A, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India, Canara Bank and HDFC Bank. There are around 56 banks that are the current share-holders of NPCI.

In the last couple of years, RuPay has launched several card variants to keep up with the influx of the requirement of card payment facilities in India. If you are still wondering if you should get a RuPay for taking care of your daily transactions, feel free to take a look at some of the benefits that are provided by RuPay for its users:

  • RuPay provides plenty of merchant offers for its users. 
  • It gives customers the benefit of International Acceptance which is not a facility that is readily provided by other payment card options. 
  • It also gives access to the Domestic and International Airport Lounge for people who travel. 
  • There is insurance coverage for accidental deaths and total disability (only if it is permanent). 
  • Several Cashback schemes. 
  • Wellness and Health aids for all the users.

Primarily launched in the year 2012, RuPay has come a long way with its enhanced tech-savvy methods implemented for card payments in India. With a RuPay card, it is now possible to make offline e-wallet payments which is something that people could have never imagined would exist in India.

How Does RuPay Work?

RuPay cards work similarly to the usual credit and debit cards that you have access to. In total, RuPay offers three different sorts of cards for its customers – debit, credit and prepaid. There are subcategories to these three options, meaning that you can choose whichever card best fits your monetary transaction needs in India.

This card can be used in around 8.75 lac POS terminals and 1.45 lac ATMs, all across India. Users can take full advantage of the benefits provided by RuPay which includes the acceptance of the card in more than 10,000 active e-commerce websites online. What’s more is that the card has a microprocessor circuit implanted in it, which can store the basic and personal information of the cardholder.

Initially, RuPay was designed to cater to domestic needs. People residing in India could use the card for paying merchants from all over the country.

As of now, users can find several card variants that have been developed by RuPay over the last 7 years. These include the following:

Government Scheme

  • RuPay Kisan Credit Card
  • RuPay PMJDY
  • RuPay Mudra
  • RuPay PunGrain

Prepaid Card

  • RuPay Corporate
  • RuPay Classic
  • RuPay Platinum

Debit Card

  • RuPay Classic
  • RuPay Platinum
  • RuPay Select

Credit Card

  • RuPay Classic
  • RuPay Platinum
  • RuPay Select

Users can avail of these cards from almost all of the banks that are currently active in India. Moreover, since RuPay has an OTP methodology, before confirming every transaction, you will be asked for final confirmation on your mobile phone. This is why if you want to make use of RuPay’s online shopping facilities, you will have to use the phone number which has been registered to your bank. Without this, you will not be able to make transactions online.

RuPay Contactless

One of the key features that we love about RuPay is its contactless cards. For this, you no longer have to use the traditional process of using a card whenever you are making a purchase. This includes not having to enter your PIN for transactions that fall below 5000 INR.

However, in the case of transactions that are way beyond 5000INR, you just have to enter the PIN. The transaction remains contactless.

To make use of the RuPay contactless card, all you have to do is touch the card against the card reader and the transaction will be completed in a matter of seconds.

The contactless card contains a chip card embedded within it. This chip has an ingrained radio frequency antenna that makes use of NFC to be able to secure a connection between the card and the reader. All the necessary payment details are transmitted instantly with a single tap on the card.

One of the major reasons for carrying a RuPay contactless card would be to not have to carry cash everywhere you go. More so, with covid-19 looming around, you can never be too sure about using cash while making your everyday purchases. Hence, opting for a RuPay contactless card would not be such a bad option.

RuPay in Online Casinos

With plenty of secured online payment systems on the rise, online casinos are now opting for the most reliable ones to offer a smooth gambling experience for their users.

When you open an account on a casino website, you do so to play as many casino games as you want to and cash out the wins in the process. However, in order to play the games, you will need to make a deposit to the casino account.

While the value may vary from one platform to the other, it is still your hard-earned money that you are having to deposit. Therefore, if the casino site is in association with unreliable third party payment system providers, this might put you at risk of losing your money.

Moreover, there are plenty of bonus offers that are given by casino websites to their players from time to time. Although these offers have to be wagered, they can still sometimes enable players to make large wins in one go.

Now, in order to cash out these big wins, players are once again in need of a secure banking service. Without it, players may even end up losing the amount that they have won to fraud third party sites that are in affiliation with a certain number of gambling websites.

This is why RuPay has taken it upon themselves, like a few other reputable payment systems in India to provide secure transactions for online casino players.

As mentioned above, apart from a successful transaction of funds, a reliable payment mode is also responsible for protecting personal information like banking details. Since RuPay has made quite the reputation for its reliable cashless payment method services, lots of casino websites are now listing it under their list of payment options.

Therefore, if you too are looking for sites that offer RuPay, we would suggest that you look into the top-notch casino websites that are available in India. This will ensure you a secure and successful payment method while also storing your personal details carefully.

How to Get RuPay?

In order to get a RuPay card, you will have to register for it. One can either register from their bank or while they are about to make their very first transaction.

If you are a customer of any of the banks in India including Private and Public Sector Banks, SBI, etc., then you can register for the RuPay Card for online transactions using the following steps mentioned below:

Step 1

The first step is to look for the registration page for a RuPay card. For this, you will have to head to the bank’s website and look for ‘card registrations.’ There you will find an option for RuPay and you will have to tap on it to get started.

Step 2

For the second step, you will have to enter necessary details like the card number, expiry date and the CVD2 number of the RuPay Card.

Step 3

As for the third step, it is necessary that you have your mobile number and email address registered to the bank you use. This is because an OTP is required in order to complete this step, which will be sent to your registered email address or phone number.

Step 4

After the OTP has been entered, you will be required to select images and type in the phrase as per the rules initiated by the National Payments Corporation of India NCPI.

Step 5

Up next, you will have to choose and remember the transaction image. This will enable RuPay to authenticate the transactions you make for your purchases on e-websites or any other platform.

Step 6

Lastly, you will have to enter your ATM pin. This can be used to verify your RuPay card password for enabling transactions.

If you follow all of the steps mentioned above, you will not face any difficulty registering for a RuPay card for making online transactions. However, the process may vary slightly depending on the bank you are using.

How to Use RuPay?

If you have done your research on RuPay, chances are that you know how the deposit and withdrawal methods work for online casinos using this card.

However, for those of you who are not familiar with the process, we have taken the liberty of listing down the processes for you!


Making deposits using the RuPay card is an effortless and smooth process. Although the process might differ from casino to casino, the basics, however, will remain the same.

So, to make a successful deposit using your RuPay card, you will have to first open a casino gaming account at a website that accepts RuPay. Once you have verified your casino account, you will need to make your first deposit to get started.

For this, you will have to locate the deposit feature from the home page. Click on the deposit option and you will be landed on a new page where you will be asked to choose your payment option. Here, you will select ‘RuPay’ as your preferred option.

Up next, you will have to enter your card details and also type in the amount that you want to deposit to your casino gaming account.

This is where you will also be notified about any bonuses that can be availed while using RuPay to make the deposit. If there is any such bonus available, do not hesitate to take it. This will give you a head start while playing the casino games.

What’s more, the deposit is made within a couple of seconds and there are no additional charges made for making the deposit.


As for the withdrawals, you will have to head to the payment section like you did while making the deposit.

Once you have visited the withdrawal section, you will be provided with a list of payment options. From there, once again, you will be required to choose RuPay. From this point onwards, you will be asked to provide certain documents in order to verify that it is you who is requesting a withdrawal through the casino account. They might ask you for your address, phone bill, etc.

However, you need not worry as this verification is only needed to be done once.

After you have verified yourself, the last step is to click on the withdrawal command option on the screen and wait for it to get processed by the casino. Every bank has its own time of clearing the withdrawal amount. This is why you will need to look into the withdrawal details for the bank you are registered in.

Advantages & Disadvantages of RuPay

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using RuPay for online casino gaming:


  • Protection

Every casino player has to enter several personal details in order to verify their casino account. Without this, they are unable to start their gaming. RuPay helps to protect these banking details along with other information when associated with an online casino platform.

  • Secure Transactions

If the casino you have joined does not offer a secure payment transaction system, you should definitely switch to one that supports RuPay. RuPay ensures the security of payments and completes them instantly upon a few taps from your fingertips.

  • Mobile

Perhaps the best part about using RuPay is that you can transfer your funds from your mobile phone. All you need to do is download the app and you’re good to go.

  • Availability

RuPay is a household name in terms of payment systems in India. This is why you can find it on most casino gaming websites, meaning that it is a readily available payment mode for making deposits and withdrawals.


  • No International Transactions

With RuPay, you can only make domestic transactions.

Alternatives to RuPay

In case you do not want to opt for RuPay as your trusted payment option you can also use imps, UPI, Google Pay, Paytm or PhonePe while gambling online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a regular RuPay card and a RuPay contactless card?

The key difference between the regular RuPay card and RuPay contactless card is that one can function as both a contact and contactless monetary transaction while the other cannot. This means that if you have a regular RuPay card, you can use it to make both contact and contactless transactions.

However, if you own a RuPay contactless card, you can only use it to make contactless transactions. If we had to suggest you which one to go for, it would definitely be the contactless card as it enables the user to keep track of their digital purchases.

  1. What documents are required for registering for a RuPay credit application?

Firstly, you will need to have a coloured passport size photograph of yourself. Secondly, you will need to verify your current address using your utility bills or other documents of equivalent value.

Lastly, you will need to have a photo ID proof. You can verify your photo through your passport or any national identification document which contains your photograph.

  1. What are some of the banks that can help me get a RuPay credit card?

Some of the banks which offer credit cards for RuPay include Bank Of India, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank, Saraswat Co-operative Bank, SBI Card, Union Bank Of India, Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, etc.

  1. For how long is my OTP valid?

This will vary from one bank to the other. You will need to get in touch with your bank from where you have completed your registration for RuPay Card.

  1. Am I safe from risks related to fraud when using a RuPay Contactless card?

Yes! The EMV chip on your card prevents it from being cloned at all costs.


To conclude, RuPay is one of the most prevalent payment modes used in India right now. Be it for online gaming or making purchases on random e-commerce websites. You can do it all if you have a RuPay card with you.

Moreover, if you are a fan of playing casino games online, you will be able to unlock a number of bonuses and other benefits while using RuPay as your preferred mode of payment.

So, what are you waiting for? Register for your RuPay card right away and enjoy all the exciting deals and benefits it has to offer for casino players all over India!