Netbanking Casinos in India 2022

Certain technological advancements have been made over the years which has made life a lot easier for people. One of these things includes the improvements in the entire banking system in India.

Banking is no longer limited to its provision for in-person service. For a couple of years now, people have been using Netbanking, also known as internet banking to take care of their monetary transactions. This has eliminated the need for having to make a trip to the bank to make multiple transactions throughout the day.

Additionally, with the help of Netbanking, people can now make online purchases or pay their utility bills through the bank’s official website.

Therefore, in today’s write up, we will be guiding you through the advantages, as well as the disadvantages of using Netbanking in India.

The Importance of Good Payment Methods in Online Casinos

One piece of advice that is always passed on from experienced punters to newer ones is that you should always take the flexibility of payment options into account when signing up for a casino website.

But have you ever wondered why it is so important for online casino websites to be linked with good payment mode providers?

The very first reason is the tempting bonus offers and promotions. Casino gaming itself is considered one of the best recreational activities for people who like to gamble. So when the gambling experience is topped with enticing bonus offers, it is hard for any casino lover to resist the temptation.

So how are bonus offers related to opting for a good payment method you ask? – It is because casinos often offer bonus offers for players who opt for good payment modes while making deposits or withdrawals.

Therefore, if you too want to take advantage of this opportunity, we would suggest that you always choose the best payment option offered by the casino to complete your transactions.

Another reason why a good payment option is important is that they provide a better and more prompt service, which is necessary for playing casino games online.

For example, if the payment service being provided to you is not fast enough, then you might have to wait for a day or two before getting started with the slot machines. Whereas, with a faster service you can get started right after making the deposit.

What is Netbanking?

As mentioned above, the easiest way to explain Netbanking is by using the term ‘internet banking.’ Officially launched in the year 2016, Netbanking is an electronically functioned banking process established by the National Payment Corporation of India, NPCI.

Here, instead of heading to the bank on your own, you can transfer funds using your phones, laptops or desktops within seconds. One of the major reasons why people love Netbanking so much is that it makes the banking process a lot faster than what it once used to be.

All you need to do is have a stable internet connection to transfer the funds to the recipients.

Think of all the small trips to the bank you used to make every month for making small transactions here and there. But now, with the help of Netbanking, you can make all of these transfers with a few taps on your phone.

However, Netbanking services are not made available for all customers. Only those who wish to create one during or after setting up a bank account can avail Netbanking services. You will have to register in order to benefit from the services. Once you have registered, you will be required to use your ID and a strong password to make as many transactions as you want through Netbanking.

How Does Netbanking Work?

Netbanking is an exceptionally useful tool for Indians. Any person can benefit from Netbanking as long as they have a bank account run by an electronic system. All they have to do is just activate it to get on with their financial proceedings.

Utility Bills

Perhaps the greatest feature of online banking is that you no longer have to head to the bank every month to pay for utility bills. You can pay them from home, the office or wherever you are for matter, as long as you have a stable internet connection. This includes your electricity bill, water bill, monthly rent, school fees and any other monthly or daily paycheck that you need to take care of.

Merchant Payments

Another useful feature of Netbanking is that you can make online purchases and pay for them through Netbanking. This can also help you to keep track of the purchases you make on a daily basis. Not to mention, the transactions are absolutely cashless.

Usual Fund Transfer

Apart from shopping and paying bills, Netbanking can come in handy for any sort of monetary transactions. Plus, it is secure enough to ensure that the payment always reaches the recipient as soon as you complete the transaction.

Keeping Track of Account Statement

Without Netbanking, you would have to request for your account details through bankers in person. However, Netbanking allows you to check on your account statement whenever you want to.

All you need to do is head to the bank’s official website, sign in to your NetBanking account and check the account statement or the transactions that you have made throughout the month.

Create Fixed Deposit Account

You no longer have to go to the bank to fill up hundreds of forms to create a single fixed deposit account. Fortunately, with the help of Netbanking, you can now create a fixed deposit account at the comfort of your home.

Request for Cheque Book

Remember all the hassle you had to go through to request for a Cheque book at the bank? Well, lucky for you, Netbanking cancels out the prolonged procedure of having to request for one and then wait in a queue to receive it.

In fact, Netbanking can enable you to order a cheque book using the banking app on your phone. Once your request has been processed, you can just head to the bank to collect it or ask for a delivery.

Recharge Prepaid Mobile/ DTH

Do you often run out of credit while being on important phone calls? Then Netbanking might be a good way to put you out of this misery. Netbanking now allows its users to recharge on prepaid mobiles and also carry out DTH services.

Buying General Insurance

Every banking procedure is lengthy when you have to stand in a queue to patiently wait for your turn and then fill out endless forms, even when you are applying for general insurance. Thanks to the improved electronic advances in the banking process, you can now buy general insurance through Netbanking.

Netbanking in Online Casinos

Netbanking is a prevalent mode of payment in India. And since Indians are so used to using Netbanking for carrying out their day to day transactions, it is no wonder that it is also a popular payment method in online casinos.

Moreover, as Netbanking is compatible with two of the most important functions required of a payment method in a gambling website (withdrawals and deposits), it is really the perfect fit for any online casino website.

Since Netbanking is a payment system that has been launched by NPCI, we can guarantee you that it is a safe mode of payment for casino lovers in India. But, why do you need to be so concerned about safety?

Well, casino gaming requires players to deposit a certain amount of money to get started. The deposit amount differs from one casino to the other. However, no matter how big or small this amount is, it is necessary to have a secured mode of payment transfer on online casino websites.

If you have read casino reviews before, you will know that there are plenty of unreliable third party fraud payment systems which can cause monetary losses to the casino, as well as its users. Thus, if you want to save yourself from rip-off payment methods, you can always opt for a more steadfast option like Netbanking.

Not to mention, Netbanking is affiliated with more than 150 banks all over India. Some of these banks include Airtel Payment Bank, Union Bank of India, Paytm Payment Banks, State Bank of India, HSBC, Canara Bank, ICIC Bank, DBS Digibank, Punjab & Sind Bank etc.

Another important detail that is essential for any payment mode is its level of security. Opening up an account on any online casino website requires players to enter a ton of personal information.

More often than not, you are required to upload additional documents like a passport or the like to verify your ID. Therefore, it is crucial for the payment mode to store your personal information safely. This prevents third party sites from having access to your personal info.

How to Get Netbanking?

If you do not know how to open a Netbanking account yet, do not worry because we have got you covered! As long as you follow the steps mentioned below, we’re positive that you will not face any difficulty creating a Netbanking account.

Step 1

The first step is to cross-check whether you have a bank account that supports Netbanking. For this, you can head to the NPCI website, simply Google or ask your bank if they can offer you Netbanking services.

Step 2

If you do not have a bank account, create one that supports Netbanking.

Step 3

The next step is to install the app on your phone. If you face any difficulty figuring it out, you can ask any one of the bank employees to take care of it.

Step 4

Once you have installed the app, you will be required to enter the code given to you in an envelope handed over by the bank official.

Step 5

After you have used the code, you will have to set up a unique PIN number. You will have to use it to open the app every time you want to make a transaction or look over your bank statement.

Note that every bank has a different way of completing the process of verification. They might even send an OTP to your phone to authenticate the log in to the app.

Furthermore, not all banks use an app to provide Netbanking services. You might even have to use a browser to enter your ID and password to log in. However, once the verification process is over, you can use your Netbanking account to start making transactions right away.

How to Use Netbanking?

Now, let us look into the procedure one has to follow to make deposits and withdrawals using your Netbanking account.


In case of deposits, you will have to take care of the following steps:

  1. As mentioned above, the first step to using Netbanking is to check whether your bank supports it.


  1. You will also have to ensure that the bank supports online casino transactions. This will prevent unnecessary risks of banking officials freezing your account.


  1. Up next, you will need to open a Netbanking account.


  1. For the next step, you will have to take a good amount of time to do your research on any of the casino websites that you want to play casino games in. You will have to double-check if they allow Netbanking under their list of available payment modes.


  1. Once you have found the right casino gaming website, you will have to sign up to create an account. For registering, you will need your full name, date of birth, address, email and phone number.


  1. After the registration is complete, you will need to show the casino that it is really you who will be using the account. For this, you will need to provide certain documents like your passport, driver’s license or a utility bill addressed to your name for example.


  1. These documents will be used by the casino to verify that it is you. Once they have completed verifying, you can make your first deposit to the casino gaming site.


  1. In order to complete the deposit, you will have to locate the payment section from the home page.


  1. Select the deposit option from the payment section.


  1. You will land on a new page where you will be provided with a list of available payment options offered by the casino.


  1. Select Netbanking and enter the amount you want to deposit.


  1. Tap on ‘Deposit’ and see your funds getting transferred right away.

Make sure to check if you are within the deposit limit set by the casino or the payment mode that you have chosen. Note that deposits are usually instant but might take up to 30 minutes given the traffic on the website from time to time.


Follow these steps in order to make a withdrawal using Netbanking:

  1. Go to the payment section of the casino website.


  1. Select ‘Withdrawal.’


  1. Choose Netbanking as your preferred payment method.


  1. Enter the amount.


  1. Wait for the casino to approve your request and transfer the money to your account.

Withdrawals are generally completed within 3 days. However, what we love the most about Netbanking is that it does not charge any additional fees for these transactions. However, you might have to pay additional fees for banks that charge a little extra for international transfers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Netbanking


  • Transparency

Whatever charge (if any) you might incur, Netbanking is always transparent about it. Moreover, all the transactions you make are always stored as a trail for you to go back and see in case you can’t add up the expenses.

  • Fast

The major reason that players generally have while opting for online banking is that it is a much faster process when compared to carrying out in-person banking.

  • Safe

All the money you deposit into your account will always be safe. You do not need to worry about theft, fraud or anything of the likes.

  • Availability

There is no point in using a payment system if it is not readily available in the online casinos of the country you are residing in. Luckily, Netbanking has been in use for quite a few years in India now, and people are familiar with the online banking system that it offers.

  • Bonus Offers

A couple of casino websites often offer bonus offers for people who opt for safer payment modes like Netbanking.


  • Internet

You will always require a stable internet connection to carry out your payment transactions. Without it, you cannot take care of your monetary transactional tasks.

  • No Privacy

As mentioned above, Netbanking keeps a track of all the monetary transactions you make. So even if you are using it for a casino or any other purchases for that matter, it will exist in your transaction history.

Alternatives to Netbanking

Here are some of the alternatives to Netbanking in India:

Credit Card

It is, in fact, the 21st century and we are sure that you have used a credit card for making purchases before. Credit cards are one of the safest modes of payment available in India and it doesn’t require players to install any app to get done with the transactions.

Popular credit cards include an American Express card, Master Card, etc.


Far more secure than any other banking methods used for online casino gaming, e-wallets are extremely reliable and safe. What’s more, your transactions are kept safe so that third parties cannot go around snooping in. Not to mention, it is also cost-effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we have covered all there is to know about Netbanking, we have still listed down some of the most frequently asked questions about the sector.

  1. Is Netbanking safe for casino use?

Netbanking is an online banking system that has been launched by NPCI itself. Furthermore, it is a licensed and reliable payment mode that can be used for any sort of monetary transaction. Therefore, it is more than safe to use for making casino deposits or withdrawals.

  1. What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount will differ from one casino to the other. However, the general amount for minimum deposit is always around 800INR.

  1. Is withdrawal available with Netbanking?

Yes! Players can both deposit and request for withdrawals through Netbanking. Although deposits are much faster, it may take up to 3 days for withdrawals to be completed.

  1. Are there any additional charges?

Netbanking itself does not have any additional fees that you have to pay. However, certain banks might charge you a little more for availing Netbanking services. Moreover, there might be a couple of more charges in case you are making international transactions.

  1. Is Netbanking available for mobile casinos?

Yes! Mobile casinos in India are currently aiming to serve its users with all the functions that are available in its desktop version. So, if you are using a mobile casino, you will have access to its payment options. Just choose Netbanking as your preferred method and start playing your favourite slot machine or blackjack games.


All casino players really want is to be able to have a smooth gaming experience while using online casinos in India. And as we already know, payment modes have a bigger role to play in enhancing the experience of a regular visitor to a casino website. Starting from fast deposits and withdrawals, there are a lot more benefits that can be availed through a good payment option like Netbanking.

Netbanking is currently being used by a good number of casino lovers in India, which makes it a perfect option for any newbie player who wants to have the best experience playing casino games online.

Therefore, before signing up for any online casino, take a minute or two to check out the payment modes offered by the website.