Leading Online Operators in Australia Support Credit Card Ban


The Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) group, which comprises leading betting operators including Entain, bet365, Sportsbet, and Betfair, has agreed to back the ban on the use of credit cards online gambling in Australia. The decision arrived to protect the customers’ interests and policymakers on prohibiting credit cards from gambling.

RWA members also did this regarding consultation with the Bank Association, which had already looked into the matter and was determined to eliminate the use of digital wallets and credit cards in online gambling. The consumer’s banks already stopped processing credit cards payment for online wagering.

The group is headed by chief executive Brent Jackson who recently announced during his opening address on “Inquiry in regulating the use of financial services including digital wallets and credit cards for online betting in the country.” The main focus of this inquiry was seeking evidence whether to allow digital wallets and credit cards to remain functional in online gambling.

Brent Jackson stated that the policy-based body aim at achieving excellent outcome to protect the customers. “The best way to achieve this is through allowing transparent discussion and working with stakeholders to ensure we offer the most appropriate outcome.” He spoke.

According to Jackson, major online gambling operators in the country will also support the new measures to curb credit card on online wagering. RWA is devoted to working with financial institutions to ensure this comes into reality.

He went further to say, “Responsible Wagering Australia members have come into an agreement in developing a technical solution to implement this reform in a timely manner. It will collaborate with payment processing providers and financial institutions, particularly banks to ensure delivery of this change without any negative impact.”

“Members of Responsible Wagering Australia are aware of concerns raised by the community sector and policymakers. Therefore, will create measures to harmonize online environments with gambling at casinos, clubs and pubs while prohibiting credit cards. The measure will create a powerful framework for consumer protection when it comes to online gambling in Australia.”

Brent Jackson went ahead to say, “responsible Wagering Australia team acknowledge and respect the community views on the use of credit cards in online gambling, this will put more effort to constructively deliver this reform.” However, according to him, implementing this ban will only be successful through regulatory approval.

The inquiry into the use of digital wallets and credit cards came up after consultation from the Australian Banking Association on digital wallets and credit cards in online gambling towards the end of 2019.

In 2020, an announcement was made by the consumer-owned Banks in Australia, stating that it will no longer be processing credit cards payment requests for online gambling. The same year, citizens of Great Britain saw the introduction of a similar ban on the use of credit cards in online gambling.

The ban also prohibited the use of credit cards for gambling through digital wallets. As a result, the Gambling Commission issued a reminder to gambling operators notifying them they can only allow clients payments through digital wallets; this is on the condition that prohibits credit cards used for gambling.