Pay by Phone Casinos

Pay per phonePay by Phone Casinos are those that let you pay for real money games by mobile phone. Some of the most popular online casinos in the UK are now allowing players to deposit money using only their mobile device, with the speed and convenience of such transactions being hugely appealing to many. With gambling laws in the UK now meaning that credit cards are banned on such platforms, players are having to look for alternatives, including pay by phone. With mobile gaming having also grown significantly, with players taking advantage of slot, table and live games when on the move, it perhaps comes as little surprise that pay by phone casinos are also coming into prominence, with this page outlining just which sites  accept this method of payment, as well exactly how it works, along with its main advantages. This page will outline all of the key points surrounding the use of pay by phone on casino sites, including its pros and cons. 

Best UK Pay By Phone Casino Sites

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What is Pay By Phone?

Thanks to advancements in technology over the years, casino players in the UK are now able to process quick and easy deposits using telephones, whether it be through your phone credit or added onto your monthly bill. With more and more players being concerned about security when operating online, pay by phone is perhaps the safest method of depositing funds, with no personal or bank details being required. There are now a number of providers offering the opportunity to deposit in this way, with this page focusing on those specific to players in the UK. The likes of O2, Vodafone, EE, Virgin, Three Mobile, Sky currently offer the Pay By Phone service on their networks in the UK.

What is a Pay by Phone Bill Casino?

A pay by phone casino is a gambling site which allows players to fund their activity on slot, table and live games through their mobile number, which is convenient, quick and secure. Payments are consolidated into one monthly bill, or alternatively taken from a user’s pay-as-you-go balance. Pay by phone makes it easy for players to track their spending, while the safety aspect is also hugely appealing, with bank or card details never having to be shared with casinos. With pay by phone now being found on a number of reliable and licensed online casinos in the UK, players must simply enter their mobile number on the cashier page in order to get the ball rolling, with the deposit process taking just a matter of seconds.

Pay by Phone Bill Networks in the UK

The emergence of pay by phone as a payment method has seen the number of providers offering it increase, with names such as Boku, Zimpler and PayForIt being among the leading names. However, players in the UK must also be with one of the network telephone providers who allow for this type of deposit, which at present come in the shape of the following:

Three – Owned by CK Hutchison Holdings, Three was established back in 2003, becoming the UK’s first commercial data network in the process. 3G, 4G and now 5G services are available through Three’s own infastructure, with the network having gained an excellent reputation thanks to their coverage and roaming policies.

EE – Another mobile network who allow for deposits via phone on casino sites is EE, with over 30 million customers having been attracted to the company which was founded in 2010. EE was the first mobile network to offer contactless payments back in 2011, while they have also attracted new customers as a result of their lower prices.

Vodafone – Around since 1991, Vodafone is one of the biggest mobile networks in the world today, with over 300 million customers to its name. Vodafone is the eight largest company listed on the London Stock Exchange, having developed an excellent reputatiion during its 30+ years in operation.

O2 – Formally owned by BT, O2 is now part of the Telefónica family, with the provider being the second largest network in the UK, behind only EE. O2 provide 3G, 4G and now 5G coverage across the UK, while they readily help casino players to process deposits using their devices.

Pros and Cons of Using Pay By Phone as a Payment Method

Upon testing pay by phone as a payment method on casino sites, our experts uncovered an array of benefits, along with a small number of drawbacks. All in all, the following are the main pros and cons when it comes to banking using pay by phone:

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  • Secure – One of the major selling points of paying by phone is the security, with just a phone number being required in order to deposit funds. Compared to other methods of payment, pay by phone is undoubtedly one of safest options available to players today.
  • Simple – Depositing using pay by phone is also very convenient, with no personal or bank details having to be entered or stored online, while payments are processed instantly, meaning that there are no frustrating waiting times for players.

It is no fluke that pay by phone casinos have become so popular, with there being a number of benefits to using this method of payment. Pay by phone is one of the most secure payment methods available to players today, while it also allows for quick deposits, meaning that players can take advantage of their favourite games at any time. Pay by phone potentially does not even require a bank account, with no financial details being needed by online casinos either. The convenience of making payments using just a mobile device is hugely appealing, with the number of online casinos accepting pay by phone growing at a rapid rate. Meanwhile, pay by phone deposits regularly allow players to take advantage of casino bonuses, something which cannot be said of some other payment methods. Overall, pay by phone is one of the most convenient, quick, secure and simplistic payment methods found on the web today.

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  • Free – Unlike some other payment methods, pay by phone payments are processed free of charge, meaning that players can use 100% of the funds in which they deposit.
  • Limits – Unfortunately, pay by phone is unlikely to be the best option for high rollers, with a £30 limit having been set for players in the UK.
  • Bonuses – Those making opening deposits using pay by phone are unlikely to be in a position to take advantage of any welcome bonus offered by a casino, meaning that an alternative method must be found.
  • Withdrawals – Due to the nature of pay by phone, withdrawals are not available to players, with a credit/debit card or eWallet having to be used in order to take home winnings from casino sites.

There are a small number of limitations when it comes to using pay by phone, with the biggest perhaps being that withdrawals cannot be processed using this option. The nature of this payment method means that this is perhaps unsurprising, however players must find an alternative when taking home their winnings at online casino sites. Meanwhile, those using pay by phone will generally only be able to deposit a maximum of £30 per day, meaning that it is not the payment method for high rollers. Elsewhere, while the casinos listed on this page readily accepted deposits via pay by phone, some other sites have not yet added it to their banking options, while some casinos will state in their terms and conditions that deposits made using pay by phone are ineligible for a welcome bonus.

New Pay By Phone Casino Sites

While the popularity of pay by phone is increasing, it is not top of the list of task for new casino sites, meaning that the total number of platforms accepting it is still limited. Be sure to check out our casino site reviews to see just which gambling platforms allow deposits to be made in this way.

How Does it Work?

Those looking to deposit using pay by phone must take into account a small number of factors beforehand. Firstly, players must locate a casino site that accepts this form of payment, while still taking into account factors such as licensing and reliability. Having registered an account, players must then select pay by phone as their preferred method of payment, before selecting the amount in which they wish to deposit, bearing in mind that there is a £30 per day limit. Having confirmed their desire to deposit funds, players will receive an SMS to their phone, containing a code.

Pay By Phone Fees

Players using their phone number to deposit funds may incur small fees along the way, however this will depend on the network provider, along with the individual casino site. Upon a fee being charged, players will be notified beforehand, meaning that they have the opportunity to cancel the transaction.

How Pay by Phone Casinos Work

Players paying by phone when deposiitng at an online casino will see the total amount added to their bill at the end of each month or from their pay-as-you-go balance, depending on whether they are  contracted to a network provider. As a result, players are not required to enter their bank or card details to their casino account, making pay by phone hugely convenient, fast and secure.

The number of pay by phone casinos is increasing at a rapid rate, however this form of payment remains possible on specific sites at present. Pay by phone casinos list this form of payment alongside alternative otions, with players having to register their telephone number in ordere to get involved. At present, pay by phone only accomdates for players looking to deposit money, with withdrawals having to be processed using an alternative method.

How to Deposit Using a Phone

Depositing using a phone is very easy, with just a mobile device being required in order for players to transfer funds to their online casino account. The process is both convenient and quick, with players having to enter the telephone number on the cashier page, before confirming their decision via test message or entering the relevant confirmation code.

How to Withdraw from a Pay by Phone Casino

As we have already eluded to, pay by phone cannot be used when it comes to withdrawals at online casinos, meaning that players must find an alternative when looking to take home winnings made on slot, table and live games. However, pay by phone remains an appealing payment method for deposits, especially for beginners and those with small budgets. There are a range of alternatives for players looking to withdraw, including debit cards, eWallet’s and bank transfers.

Pay by SMS Casino Deposits

Those making deposits via their mobile phone have some options to select from, which will largely depend on whether you are under contract with your network provider or if you instead choose to operate under a pay-as-you-go method instead. Pay by phone deposits will normally come under one of the following terms:

  • Pay by via mobile
  • SMS payment
  • Charge to mobile
  • Charge to bill
  • Pay via phone bill

How to Use Pay by Phone for Gambling

Part of the success behind pay by phone casinos is the convenience of this payment method, with deposits being made in a matter of minutes. The following steps must be taken by players looking to deposit in this way:

  1. Visit a casino site who accepts pay by phone as a method of depositing cash.
  2. Enther the cashier page on the casino site.
  3. Select pay by phone as your preferred method of depositing
  4. Choose between the available options, whether it be Boku, PayForIt, Zimpler or Siru.
  5. Enter the amount of money in which you wish to deposit.
  6. Players will then receive a confirmation code via text message, which must be entered into the relevant area.
  7. Having completed these steps, players will then receive a messge to confirm that their deposit has been accepted.
  8. The amount deposited will then be available in your online casino account balance.

Different Phone Bill Payment Methods

Pay by phone deposits at online casinos are processed with the help of a variety of payment providers, with players in the UK generally being able to take advantage of the following options:

ZimplerZimpler – Zimpler is one of the leading mobile payment platforms, with the Swedish-based company having been founded in 2016. There are no charges for players to worry about when processing deposits in this way, with Zimpler having only recently expanded into the lucrative UK market. Players must simply enter their mobile telephone number, before stating whether they wish to pay via card or bill, before a verification key is sent. Zimpler users are also able to set deposit limits, with the number of online casinos adding them to their list of accepted payment methods increasing all of the time.

BokuBoku – Another mobile payment processing company is Boku, with the American organisation having been established in 2009. With their headquarters being found in San Francisco, Boku is now associated with many online casinos, with its functionality and speed meaning that is the preferred method of payment for many players today. Payments via Boku will either be added onto a player’s monthly bill or deducted from their pay-as-you-go balance, with there being a daily limit of £150, along with a yearly limit of £2,500. Players can easily cancel payments by replying “CANCEL” or “STOP”, perfect for times when an incorrect deposit amount has accidently been entered.

payfor itPayForIt – An alternative to the options above it PayForIt, who operate in a similar manner to both Zimpler and Boku. However, those who are connected via either 3G, 4G or 5G will see their mobile number automatically detected, meaning that there is no need for players to enter their number. Meanwhile, when Wi-Fi is being used, a number must be entered, with payments again either being added to monthly bills or taken from a pay-as-you-go balance. Many UK network providers now help to promote the use of PayForIt, including Three, who have a page dedicated to them on their website.

siruSiru – Founded in 2011 in Finland, Siru was established in an attempt to help cater better for mobile users, which includes payments on casino sites. Players must enter their mobile number in order to start using this method, with Siru replying with log in details. All deposits through Siru are accompanied by a text message, which contains an authorisation code. One of the negatives surrounding Siru is that transaction fees may be incurred, however players will be able to see just how much this is before deciding whether to confirm or cancel the transaction.

Apple Pay – Launched in 2018, Apple Pay has revolutionised the way in which many make payments, with devices including the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch being used. While only some online casinos accept Apple Pay at present, its convenience means that it is likely to be added on many sites in the near future.

Pay By PhoneAccount Registration

As we have already alluded to, there is no need to register for an account when depositing funds in this way.

Pay By Phone Alternatives

For those players for whom pay by phone does not meet their requirements, whether it be due to its deposit limits or lack of withdrawals, there are a number of alternatives available at online casinos today. eWallet’s are widely regarded as being among the most convenient and speedy payment method avaialble to casino players, with the following being among the leading names in the UK:

Neteller – Neteller is an online money transfer service which was founded back in 1999. Owned by the PaySafe Group, Neteller is now synonimous with the gambling industry, with the payment method being accepted on a huge number of casino sites today. Deposits using Neteller are processed in seconds, while winnings can also be taken home using this method, with players receiving their funds in a matter of hours in some cases. At one time, Neteller was estimated to process 85% of payments made at online gambling merchants.

PayPal – American online payment system PayPal is a name that will be familiar to all players, with the platform being used to process fast, secure and convenient deposits and withdrawals at casino sites. PayPal is accepted on most UK casino sites, while their easy to use mobile app only makes it easier for players to process payments.

Skrill – Another member of the PaySafe Group is Skrill, with their electronic payment system dating back to 2001, having formally been known as Moneybookers. Signing up at Skrill takes just a matter of minutes, with payments being confirmed using a verification code. As with many other ewallets, players at online casinos are not required to enter their bank or card details when processing payments, making it very safe.

Pay By Phone Casino Bonus

Bonuses are offered by casinos in order to try and tempt new players into registering accounts, however customers must check in the terms and conditions as to whether deposits made using pay by phone will qualify. The types of bonus available to gamblers today include matched deposit welcome offers, free spins and no deposit promotions, which all potentially provide an excellent platform to build upon at casino sites.


Pay By Phone FAQ[/bluebox]

The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding the use of pay by phone on casino sites.

Are Pay by Phone Bill Payments Safe?

Security is perhaps the biggest concern for players at online casinos, with pay by phone helping to add another layer of protection for users. While those using debit cards must enter their card details onto their casino account, pay by phone simply requires a mobile telephone number, putting customers minds at ease as a result. However, those who lose or have their mobile device stolen may be at risk, with there being nothing to stop making deposits using the relevant number, until it is blocked. As a result, it is always important to set up additional security, whether it be fingertip or code log in.

How can I deposit using pay by phone?

In order to deposit funds using pay by phone, players must select this as their preferred method of banking on their casino site, before confirming the transaction through the SMS received.

How can I find a reliable Casino that accepts pay by phone as deposit method?

All of the casino sites listed on this page can be viewed as reliable, with all being licensed and regulated in the UK.

What are the processing times for deposits?

Deposits using pay by phone are instant!

Do all networks offer the pay by phone service?

The majority of networks in the UK allow for phone payments to be made, with Payforit and Boku being among the most popular for players.

Can I withdraw winnings using pay by phone?

No. Withdrawals cannot be processed using pay by phone, with an alternative having to be found by players.

Is pay by phone completely legal?

Yes! All of the providers offering this method of payment are regulated in the UK, making them 100% legal.

Are Pay by Phone casinos safe?

Absolutely! With players never having to provide their bank or debit card details, pay by phone is one of the most secure payment methods available to players at online casinos today.

How quickly are payments processed?

Pay by phone deposits are generally processed instantly, with just the relevant authorisation code having to be entered in order to confirm the payment.

Will these sites work on my phone?

A large number of online casinos now accept pay by phone, with all of the sites listed on this page doing so, as well as being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission

Are there restrictions when depositing through your phone?

Players are likely to have to deal with daily and potentially yearly deposit limits when using pay by phone at online casinos, meaning that it may not be the preferred option for high rollers.

Can I take advantage of bonuses when paying by phone bill?

This will depend on the online casino itself, with some stating in their terms and conditions that deposits made using pay by phone will not qualify for a bonus, whether you are a new or existing customer on their site.

Are there Pay by Phone casino fees for deposits?

The majority of deposits made using pay by phone are free, however small fees may sometimes be incurred, which will depend on the payment provider itself. Be sure to check out the potential costs before confirming a deposit.

How long will the transaction take?

Deposits made using pay by phone are normally instant, allowing players to quickly turn their attention to playing their favourite casino games, however small delays may occur from time to time, especially when pay-as-you-go users do not have the required funds.


Final Words on Pay By Phone Casinos

Pay by phone is an increasingly popular method of depositing on casino sites, with the speed, convenience and security of such transactions making it appealing to players. While there are undoubtedly limitations, especially surrounding limits and the lack of withdrawal availability, however for the right player, pay by phone can be perfect. As you will have learnt from this page, the number of pay by phone online casinos is increasing all of the time, while the networks accommodating for the payment method has also grown. So, for those looking to make quick payments using their mobile device, be sure to check out the pay by phone casinos suggested by our experts at Allvideoslots.