AstroPay Expands Football Partnerships With Wolverhampton Wanderers


The popular payment app AstroPay has recently announced its partnership with the Premier League FC the Wolverhampton Wanderers. While at first glance the partnership of the Payment Processing Company and a Football team might sound confusing, it’s important to remember that this is far from AstroPay’s first partnership with a Premier League team.

AstroPay already counts with an existing partnership with the Burnley Club. A partnership that even got renewed during this season, and that ensured the AstroPay name and brand were highly visible during the start of this latest Premier League season.

For those who aren’t aware AstroPay Latin America-based Payment Processing Company. Their star product the AstroPay Card allows people to easily buy and add funds to a virtual card and then use it as if it were a physical card to buy in any currency and all over the world. The simplicity of the app and the extra level of privacy it offers proved instrumental to its success, and AstroPay became a popular product in markets like China and Latin America in no time at all.

The partnership with the Wolverhampton Wanderers is first and foremost about marketing, as it allows the company to gain extra visibility with sports fans and as such get additional clients on their platform. This partnership means that AstroPay is now partnered with 2 teams on the League, which amounts to 10% of the league and offers a considerable amount of exposure.

The partnership is meant to provide “global brand visibility” and help AstroPay raise its profile with sports fans as the main focus. Mikael Lijtenstein the CEO of AstroPay commented on the partnership and added that he like countless other football fans was excited for the opportunity to start a new season on the most-watched football league of the world.

Lijtenstein focused on the competitive nature of the league. Explaining that the high level of play and enduring popularity of the league made it a popular pick for brands to increase awareness and revenue. However, Lijtenstein also brought up the importance behind choosing to partner with the Wanderers specifically. According to Litjtenstein the ambitious nature of the Wolves being a perfect fit for the global spirit of the AstroPay brand.”

From the other end of the partnership Russell Jones, the General Manager for AstroPay’s Marketing Division for the Wolves also commented on the partnership. Jones was succinct and brought up his excitement to work alongside AstroPay and welcome them into “their pack” for this upcoming season,

The announcement came not long after the announcement that the gambling companies 32Red and Unibet had decided to partner with Vanarama National League as official betting partners. Criticism has been raised on the partnerships by anti-gambling sectors, criticism that has included AstroPay due to its popularity in the gaming and gambling market. However so far the partnerships are continuing as usual.

For the time being Football and Gambling enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship, however, we’ll need to wait and see how things change as the UK Government plans to review gambling laws in the near future.